Falklands’ lifestyle uncovers overweight, fewer smokers and minimal physical action

About 600 residents have added to a significant snapshot of health and lifestyle in the Falkland Islands. The Health and Lifestyle Survey 2019 has quite recently been published by the Falkland Islands Government Public Health Unit.

The unit head, Carol Morrison, said: “This survey gives us a picture of individual lifestyle behaviors and what kind of barriers people encounter to leading a healthier life.

The survey will help build a picture of population health to guide future health promotions”.

Among numerous different statistics Calculated BMI (Body Mass Index) shows that 68.9% of males and 62.5% of females are over a healthy weight. Be that as it may, the good news is the vast majority (75.9%) of respondents revealed living in a smoke-free home.

Of the respondents 76.5% arranged themselves as non-smokers (38.4%) or ex-smokers (38.1%) and 23.4% as smokers, regular (17.5%) or occasional (5.9%).

Of those that revealed drinking alcohol, the mean week by week intake was 11.1 units, albeit a few people detailed far higher levels of intake.

An aggregate of 24.6% announced surpassing the prescribed safe intake levels, 18% of females and 32.2% of males, which was significant.

Males were essentially more likely to engage with binge drinking and all the more as often as possible, on a week by week or everyday basis, contrasted with females and had a critical propensity to be less aware of the harmful impacts of exorbitant alcohol consumption.

Half of the respondents (50.3%) detailed taking an interest in physical activity on under 3 events every week. Respondents were approached to nominate reasons which are barriers to being all the more physically active both in their everyday routine and for arranged action.

The most well-known reaction was lack of time (44%).

Respondents were solicited what number of bits from fruit and vegetables they regularly eat in a day, the reactions went from 0 to 10. Most by far 79.9% of the respondents didn’t meet the prescribed 5-a-day guideline. (PN).

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